Enhancing Indoor Air Quality, Helping Mitigate Damp and Mould

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality, Helping Mitigate Damp and Mould

Our low carbon flooring plays a crucial role in enhancing indoor air quality and helping mitigate damp and mould in homes.

Our carpet tiles are designed to provide optimal indoor air quality for residents. By helping to prevent the accumulation of damp and mould, our flooring not only improves living conditions but also reduces the risk of respiratory issues often associated with poor indoor air quality.

🌱 Low Carbon: Our flooring creates 96% less carbon than comparable new flooring, as verified by Liverpool John Moores University. Learn more about our Carbon Assessment here: www.uplyfted.co.uk/carbon-assessment

💰 Cost Savings for Housing Providers: Discover how our carpet tiles can lead to an average saving of £1983 per property due to reduced noise complaints.

🔥 Safety First: Working in partnership with carpet tile manufacturers, we have developed a flammability statement to ensure our products meet safety standards.

🌡️ Warm Homes for Residents: Our carpet tiles help retain heat within the home by up to around 15%, improving customer well-being and protecting housing stock.

🏘️ Social Impact: Learn about the transformative impact of providing flooring to social housing properties and how it contributes to happier communities and improved living conditions for residents.

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