In this webinar, the key points of discussion include: ✅ What led Thirteen to consider floor coverings? Uncover the driving factors and the rationale behind their choices.
Webinar on the heat-retaining carpet tiles by Uplyfted! Discover how these unique tiles can lead to significant reductions in energy bills, benefiting your customers immensely.
Discover how our like-new, low carbon carpet tiles, and how they contribute to less embodied carbon within your stock. New Vs Like-new, 96% carbon reduction for comparable flooring.
Explore how Uplyfted is transforming the world of social housing with our sustainable carpet tile flooring. Tailored to meet the specific needs of social housing providers, our like-new flooring turn homes into warm, welcoming, and safe spaces for residents.
Our carpet tiles are designed to provide optimal indoor air quality for residents. By helping to prevent the accumulation of damp and mould, our flooring not only improves living conditions but also reduces the risk of respiratory issues often associated with poor indoor air quality.
🔊 Noise Reduction: Learn how our carpet tiles can significantly reduce noise complaints, leading to improved community cohesion and happier residents.