Carpet Tiles Acoustics, Fewer Noise related Complaints for You to Manage

Carpet Tiles Acoustics, Fewer Noise related Complaints for You to Manage

At Uplyfted, we understand how important it is for housing providers to keep their residents happy and comfortable in their homes. That’s why we’re excited to discuss how our like-new carpet tile flooring can reduce noise-related complaints for you to manage.

Our carpet tiles are tailored to meet the specific needs of social housing providers, offering a reliable and cost-effective way to minimise noise transmission between homes. By installing our low-carbon flooring, you not only improve community cohesion but also enhance residents’ living experience.

🔊 Noise Reduction: Learn how our carpet tiles can significantly reduce noise complaints, leading to improved community cohesion and happier residents.

🌱 Low Carbon: Our flooring produces 96% less carbon than comparable new flooring, as verified by Liverpool John Moores University. Find our Carbon Assessment here:

💰 Cost Savings for Housing Providers: Discover the potential savings of £1983 per property when installing our carpet tiles, due to reduced noise complaints and other benefits.

🔥 Safety First: Working in partnership with carpet tile manufacturers, we’ve developed a flammability statement to ensure our products meet safety standards. Learn more here:

🌡️ Warm Homes for Residents: Explore how our carpet tiles can help retain heat within the home by up to around 15%, improving customer well-being and protecting housing stock.

🏘️ Social Impact: Discover the transformative impact of providing flooring to social housing properties, contributing to happier communities and improved living conditions for residents.

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