The Benefits for Providers of Social Housing in Partnering with Uplyfted

At a Glance

Uplyfted provides a nationwide carpet tile installation service for UK housing providers. We are on a mission to make carpet tiles a standard feature in all properties. We believe that our products can make a positive impact on both the social housing provider and the well-being of their residents. 

Key Points

1. Quality – Our carpet tiles are cleaned, sorted, and graded at our premises, ensuring high quality control measures.
2. Convenient installation – Our installation process can be carried out at any time, even when the property is occupied or furnished.
3. Ample supply – We work directly with flooring manufacturers and have a plentiful supply of carpet tiles.
4.Nationwide services – Our services are available throughout the UK.
5. Lead time – Typically, we need 2 weeks lead time, but we try to work within your timetable, including the voids period.
6. Sub-floor preparation – If the property has floorboards, we can provide ply boarding supply and fit service. We can install on any other subfloor as well.
7. Stairs – We provide broadloom carpet for stairs for practicality.
8. Design templates/ options- We offer many designs to choose from.
9. Accreditations – We are ISO and CHAS accredited.
10. Flammability – We provide assurances by the carpet tiles’ manufacturers, stating the flammability retardant properties of the carpet tiles.
11. Durability and product life cycle – The typical manufacturer warranty is 15 years, with an average of 5/7 years of use remaining when the products are offered to housing providers.
12. Energy related – reduced energy bills due to their heat retention
properties and can also reduce the likelihood of mould and damp within properties.
13. Acoustics – the carpet tiles offer reduced sound transmission, increased sound absorption.
14. Maintenance – We are seeking to provide a cleaning/maintenance package in the future, enabling extending the life of the installation.
15. End of life – We provide a take-back service at end of life, helping reduce waste and the associated costs.
16. Supply and stock – We can provide replacement carpet tiles when needed.
17. Minimal risk to try out – Join our pilot program with low risk and low cost. By purchasing carpet tiles for one property, we will reinvest the profit in installing them for free.


Providing carpet tiles as standard in all properties can offer several benefits to housing providers. From convenient installation to durability, safety, ease of maintenance. It can also reduce the likelihood of mould and damp within properties. For residents, the carpet tiles offer reduced sound transmission, increased sound absorption, warmth and comfort, and reduced energy bills. They are low carbon products and we are confident that carpet tiles can offer a valuable solution to your flooring needs. Join our pilot program with minimal risk and let us provide you with high-quality flooring solutions!

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