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This 1-bedroom apartment is owned and maintained by Karbon Homes In Newcastle upon Tyne, who have around 30,000 homes in the North East of England, and Yorkshire.
Karbon Homes wanted to explore what benefits our supply and fit service of like-new carpet tiles could bring to their stock and residents, specifically:
Understand carpet tiles in the home Vs traditional fitted carpet
Whether the product life-cycle presents value for money
Choice of colours/ templates available
Installation process


The installation was conducted during the voids period, and flooring was one of the last works before the resident moved into their home.


The installation of the flooring took under 3 hours for our single installer. We fitted our carpet tiles to every room within the property, excluding the kitchen and bathroom. The service included installation of threshold strips, so far as flooring was concerned, the property was ready for the resident to move in.

Learnings and Results

Karbon Homes understood the quality of the flooring, the fact it will be very hard wearing and a “suitable alternative to traditional carpet.”


The installation, in their words, was “really quick and easy”.
In terms of flooring design templates, Karbon Homes were presented with, x4 templates, each individual room could have either the same or different template picked and applied. 
Given the comfort and hard wearing nature of Uplyfted’s like-new carpet tiles, Karbon Homes understood the service and carpet tiles to be an alternative to traditional carpet flooring.
This installation was part of wider Karbon work to understand to benefits of flooring to customers, and will be considered within this.
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