This 1-bedroom property is owned and maintained by. Raven Housing Trust in Redhill, UK. The property is located on the ground floor, with 1, main bedroom, hallway and large living-room.
In this instance the resident was particularly vulnerable, and without the service would have struggled to floor their home. Our installers moved furniture in the room, as needed, so as to be able to lay the flooring.


Once Uplyfted received relevant information, their installation team provided a same-day supply and install of quality, used carpet tiles to the floor of the property. The resident was able to choose from several patterns and apply them to the outlined rooms. Due to vulnerability issues, extra care was taken to communicate frequently, with empathy, and to ensure the resident was comfortable with our presence.

Registered Provider Benefits

  • Reduced likelihood of damp and mould within the property.
  •  Helped to reduce likelihood of complaints

Resident Benefits

  • Improved self-worth and well-being
  • Helps improve customer finances
  • Feels valued and respected
It looks fantastic, thank you. It’s a really good idea to have flooring already provided in the home. I’m made up!
Resident of Raven Housing Trust

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