Macrae Court


This 1-bedroom furnished apartment is owned and maintained by Bromford Housing in Bristol, UK. The property comprises a cosy living space, including a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.
The resident and her partner, both in their mind 20’s, although having resided within the property for several months, in their words had not yet “moved in” until we installed our flooring, as all their belongings where stacked in the corner of each room.
Flooring is typically not provided with a new tenancy.


Upon obtaining the necessary information, Uplyfted’s installation team swiftly supplied and installed high-quality, like-new carpet tiles on the property’s floor within a remarkable 3-hour timeframe.
The residents had the option to select from an array of 6 patterns, making it convenient for both the resident and Registered Provider to collaborate with Uplyfted. The installation took place whilst the property was occupied and furnished, our installers, along with the help of the resident moved a nominal amount of furniture, as needed.

Registered Provider Benefits

  • Happy resident
  • Improved heat retention
  • Reduced noise transmission between properties
  • Quick and easy service, implementable even when property is occuplied

Resident Benefits

  • Lower heating bills
  • Feel like home, rather than ’empty box’
  • Warm and comfortable
  • House-proud
Having flooring provided has reduced my financial stress, and I’m high satisfied with Uplyfted’s service and would recommend them to friends and family.
Gracie B.
Resident of Bromford Housing

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